Monday, June 2, 2008

High Gas Prices=No Lake Powell Trips

I really hate the gas prices..It really stinks that it has to be so high, especially since Lake Powell is really full this year. As of May 29, prices for gas are as high as $5.55 and rising! I just can't believe it. SO instead of going to this beautiful paradise, we are relocating to another paradise for summer vacation, St. George. Its too bad we have to do this..but there is no way to afford the price of boating fun. STINGY GOVERNMENT AND OIL COMPANIES!!!!! Here is a picture of John and my brothers 2 summers ago skiing and wake boarding all at once. I miss LAKE POWELL!!!


Cousins Family said...

I wish I could come to watch tonight- Dave made plans for us, but let's plan on next week?

The Kelly Family said...

NO Lake Powell?! I'm sorry to hear gas prices have ruined your vacations plans.