Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birhtday Jonny!!!

Tomorrow, we are headed for Hawaii, and are so excited we can hardly stand it!!! We will be celebrating Johns 24th (May 8) birthday while we are there so I decided to copy Sarah's idea and write 24 reasons why I love John.
1. He's very SEXY (yes I said sexy), I could say more along those lines but I might embarrass him, myself, or you readers so I wont go there..but I'm sure you know what I'm thinking!!!
2. He's a wonderful husband
3. And an even better daddy
4. He's a hard worker and has taken on a lot of responsibility in the past year.
5. He has a killer smile with beautiful teeth
6. He's affectionate
7. He loves his family
8. He loves my family
9. He holds the priesthood
10. He knows me...and for the most part, understands me
11. He's a handy man, he can fix things that I have no idea how to fix
12. He's inquisitive, when he doesn't know how to fix things, he'll figure it out...he loves to tinker with things.
13. He's a big dreamer...just like ME
14. He is definately my better half. He makes me a better and happier person.
15. He is ALL man...not a girly man...he loves football, ESPN, fast cars, guy movies, etc.
16. He's not a gossip. I love this especially cause sometimes I can be and it reminds me that I need to be more like him.
17. He is trustworthy as well as trusting (sometimes this gets him in trouble)
18. He is sensible, and usually always right
19. He's a good driver, not necessarily cautious...but I trust his driving judgment.
20. He's honest...when I ask him if my butt looks big in my swim suit..he tells me "uh uh"...wait, maybe this example doesn't fit under the "honest" catagory...and should fall under the "knows just what to say" catagory.
21. John is punctual...but since he's married to me...he is fashionably late.
22. He is confident. This is a big one since I'm totally not.
23. He and I share many of the same interestest...we love to put puzzles together, play games, watch the Jazz, etc.
24. Mostly I love the way he loves me. He's a wonderful guy and I love him with all of my heart. Happy birthday sweetheart!


Sarah Jones said...

Happy Birthday to your husband and have a great time in Hawaii! Isnt it fun to just make a list of all the things you love about your husband?

The Kelly Family said...

Hawaii!! Wow! Sounds like fun! Happy Birthday to your hubby and have a great trip!