Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brainshare Party

So tonight we went to the Novell Brainshare Party at the Delt....ooops the Energy Solutions Arena. We saw Frank Caliendo (way funny guy) and Collective Soul. Great concert, I recognized all but one song. I didn't quite realize how old they actually are. Kind of funny to watch a bunch of old guys with long "california surfer dude" hair, rocking out on stage. It was even funnier to watch a bunch of computer programmers rocking out to Collective Soul. One guy near us was jumping up and down and throwing punches in the air the entire time...I bet he was working muscles he didn't know he had and I wouldn't doubt he'll be sore in the morning. But it made me think about how many concerts I've been to in my lifetime. SO here is my list...I'll try to get Johns on here too.
Mandie's list:
Beach Boys-5 times (obviously my favorite group in the whole world)
Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
Natalie Cole
Huey Lewis and the News
Ryan Supe and the Rubberband
Shedaisy-2 times
Reba McEntire
Kenny Chesney
Olivia Newton John
Counting Crows
Toby Keith-2 times
Tracy Byrd
Collin Raye
Mae-2 times
& Collective Soul

John's list:


Jeremy and Marie said...

That's a lot of concerts, Lady! I love Frank Calliendo. He is one of the funniest dudes EVER! We watch YouTube videos of him all the time.

The Mac's said...

Wow, I am impressed! Hope everything is going well...give me a call sometime, I feel like I haven't seen you forever.

The Kelly Family said...

You've been to a lot of concerts! I have never been to a concert before. I'm so deprived!