Monday, December 31, 2007


So we all have the usual resolutions...DIET, daily scripture reading, more time with family, etc. And those are totally on my list too...but at the top I put A MORE ORGANIZED AND CLEANER HOME. I seriously can't stand how messy and unorganized my house is right now and I intend to get things on the ball. How?? I haven't got that far yet...but I plan to make a "TO DO" list and carry it out to the MAX. I hope you all have a wonderful 2008 with great resolutions and many happy moments. Here is a recap of the wonderful blessings our family experianced in 2007.
March-John and I gained 1 extra bedroom and 1 extra bathroom and a garage when we moved upstairs in our appartment.
April-The arrival of our little angel, COHEN!
May-Jason enters the MTC
November-The Larsen family is sealed for time and eternity.


The Mac's said...

Let me know how you intend on executing the "Clean House Plan" Maybe I'll join ya:)

The Kelly Family said...

I always feel like I am loosing my mind (maybe I am?!) but "to do lists" have helped me so much. I write everything down (sometimes I even have to put "take a shower" on my list so I don't forget). Anyways. It was really good to see you today. I miss you and wish we lived closer so we can see each other more often. You have such a cute family!!

The Mac's said...

It is now 2008..and I want to know what's going on with you! UPDATE your blog so I can see because I am getting horrible at using the phone:) Miss ya

Jord and Meags said...

hey hey! we are just sitting in our meeting ... :) but while I was thinking about it, here is our blog: ... check it out! I love your blog! it's so cute!